Oklahoma Repeater Society

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The purpose of the Society is To render public service through Amateur Radio, and To gather and disseminate information concerning Amateur radio operation especially in the frequency modulation mode and repeater operation, and To coordinate efforts and establish standards in regard to repeater systems and associated functions, and To associate with groups similarly constituted in order to broaden the scope and function of Amateur Radio as a service in the public interest, convenience or necessity, and To encourage experimentation by the Society members in advanced techniques in the use of repeaters in order that the general technical excellence of repeater systems shall be improved, and To provide a forum for discussion of spectrum utilization and the achievement of maximum compatibility between various users of the Amateur Radio Bands.
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Something to Consider from the Missouri Repeater Council

Mon, 07/24/2017 - 09:57

As many of you are aware, the Voice/Data over IP modes are rapidly gaining foothold in amateur radio. So far most of the requests for DMR and D-Star pairs here in Oklahoma have been on the 70 CM band, where plenty of open pairs are available. In central and far NE OK, two meter pairs are not available for any kind of repeater. Missouri is experiencing the same problem, especially in their major metro areas, like St. Louis and Kansas City. Like us, they want to encourage experimentation, and new technologies. So this is what they determined for two meters.

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ORSI Summer Meeting to be Held at Ham Holiday This Year NOTE: Schedule Change

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 07:22

We didn't get around to a spring meeting, so we will have a summer one. Our meeting will be held during the Oklahoma City Ham Holiday July 22nd. The meeting will start about 12:00 pm and shouldn't last more than an hour. We are scheduled to be in the Sooner Room, Tower Hotel in Oklahoma City 3233 NW Expressway, Oklahoma City, OK 73112. NOTE: Ham Holiday just changed our schedule and room No. NOW THE CONFERENCE ROOM AT 11:30. We need to be done by 12:30 to accommodate VE testing which will be in the conference room after us.

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